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Greater Toukley Vision

How The Town Centre Works: -

The Greater Toukley Town Centre Management Corporation was established in 1997.

A Board of Management comprising of representatives from local businesses, a local community member and a representative from Wyong Shire Council.  The Board is responsible for overseeing the operation and maintenance of the towns assets as well as increasing visitation to the Greater Toukley Area.

The Corporation receives funding from Wyong Shire Council via a special levy 0.91 cents per dollar of property value of general rates, a significant contribution from councils general revenue and additional revenue from park fees, street vending licences, footway dining licences etc...

A 'not for profit' organisation, the Corporation has these key objectives;

Key Objectives: -

  • Promote the economic development of The Greater Toukley area
  • Market and Promote The Greater Toukley Area
  • Organise and manage promotional events within and around The Greater Toukley area for the purpose of improving the market penetration of The Greater Toukley area and its traders
  • Issue contracts and permits through the powers delegated by the Wyong Shire Council to The Greater Toukley Centre Management pursuant to its agreement

 Please visit our Calendar of Events for more information.

Maintenance of The Greater Toukley Assets: -

Ongoing Projects


Community CCTV system in the Greater Toukley area with monitoring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Security patrols carried out 365 days of the year and increased at all major events.


The Greater Toukley Vision is concerned with providing clean & safe retail precincts for shoppers & visitors. We currently provide supplementary cleaning, gardening & graffiti removal to compliment the existing service provided by Wyong Shire Council.

In conjunction with this initiative the Greater Toukley Vision encourages all business and commercial property owners to do all that they can to make sure their premises are kept clean and tidy.

Promotions and Marketing

The Greater Toukley Vision aims to promote, foster and develop the area as a desirable commercial investment opportunity, as an attractive shopping area and as a vibrant and popular tourist destination, provide pro-active, positive and creative solutions to aid and assist the organisation to devise and/or deliver cost effective promotional activities and events.

The Greater Toukley Vision aims to facilitate co-operation between business, government and community bodies for the benefit of the Greater Toukley community.

Those organizations include Wyong Shire Council, the Northern Lakes Regional Chamber of Commerce, Central Coast Tourism, Norah Head Residents & Ratepayers Assoc, Friends of Toukley, Toukley Senior Citizens Centre & Toukley Neighbourhood Centre.

How can YOU be involved?

All business owners and commercial property owners located in the Greater Toukley Area are welcome to become members of Greater Toukley Vision (GTV).  Lifetime membership costs $5.50 and gives the member voting rights and the Annual General Meeting (AGM).  This also enables the member to nominate for a Board Position.

If you would like to become a member of the GTV please complete the Membership Section on this Site.  Join

If you have a concern in relation to the local area that you would like raised at our monthly Executive Board Meeting please feel free to email them to info@greatertoukley.org.au



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